2009-10 130 King Street Gallery, St. Augustine, FL
2009 University Club of Winter Park, Winter Park, FL
2008 Portofino Bay Hotel Galleria, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL
2008 Abbacino Gallery, Venice, FL
2007 Gallery M, Winter Park, FL
2007 Kings Gallery, The Villages, FL
2006-07 Marriott Downtown Hotel Gallery, Orlando, FL
2005 Westin's Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery, Orlando, FL
2005 First Thursdays, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL
2005 Artisan Inn Gallery, DeLand, FL
2004 Park Avenue Fine Art Gallery, Winter Park, FL
San Fernando Valley Art Club, Los Angeles, CA
Awarded First Prize in Oil/Casein for "La Vieja"

Sketching was an important means of expression for me as a child, as natural and as necessary to my life as breathing. My talents as a young professional in art brought me financial rewards and later, when I painted only for pleasure, they brought me great satisfaction. Then, life got in the way and I laid my pencils and brushes aside for over thirty years.

Now, I have stepped back into the role of artist, as I would a pair of comfortable slippers, and returned to my youthful aspirations, my sense of humor intact and my energies refreshed.

I am inspired by beauty and harmony. It brings me great joy when I feel I have succeeded in capturing an essence of these to share with others. I like to make people smile.


Lorraine Dell Wood began her career in the film industry as an artist. Her skill with color brought her to Columbia's Animation paint lab and Paramount’s George Pal Puppetoons in special effects and painting, while still a teenager. But an opportunity to create story boards for commercial films introduced her to the excitement of production and a new path was taken. Behind the scenes of the old Hollywood studio system was to be her new home. From time to time, Wood picked up her brushes and pencils to satisfy her creative urges, then stored them away. She knew she would return to her inner calling, some day, but never dreamed it would take so long.

All of her friends and colleagues were in some form of the entertainment industry. As Mrs. Allen K. Wood, wife of the Executive Supervisor of Production for the Mirisch Company, she was on location shoots for “Some Like It Hot,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “West Side Story,” “The Apartment” and others, attended Oscar Awards festivities, film premieres, industry dinners and charity balls.

A community leader in Los Angeles cultural and civic circles, Wood kept busy specializing in public relations for non-profit organizations such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliates, Assistance League of Southern California and California Women In Chambers of Commerce. Following the death of her husband, she opened a Literary Talent Agency in Beverly Hills and, as a member of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, she served on nine Blue Ribbon Emmy Awards Panels.

Upon retiring to Florida as a film industry consultant, she was active in bringing judges and celebrity guests to four of the internationally recognized Florida Film Festivals. As a member of the National Museum of Women In the Arts, Florida Women Artists Association, World Affairs Council of Central Florida working with the U.S. State Department, and the Annie Russell Theatre Guild of Rollins Liberal Arts College, Wood served a four-year appointed term on the Governor’s Advisory Council for the Florida Film and Entertainment Industry.

Wood returned to her roots, incorporating a body of work from her lifetime, grateful that she kept much of her earlier efforts. She has come full circle. A new scenario as an artist is an exciting reality and she believes that perhaps her unusual background has been bringing her to this point. The Hollywood influence is manifested in the aura of drama that is an inescapable element of her imagery, more aggressive in her creations as a young woman but still visible as she reveals the sensibilities that age and experience have matured, allowing her natural wit to surface. As, she developed and perfected her unique style, which has been described as an exceptional blend of graphic design and fine art technique.

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